Building humane machines.

We allow machines to adapt to human communication.

We build conversational characters who act as an interface. They are driven by machine intelligence, understand context and state for task completion, and communicate with personality and emotional intelligence.

Why that’s good for our customers

  • Simple to use

    End users don’t need to learn how to talk. Nor find menus, key commands, or even tap.

  • Powerful task completion

    The conversational model allows the system to understand complex instructions spoken in plain speech.

  • Embodies AI / NL systems

    Uses speech and animation to provide contextually and emotionally appropriate responses to human input.

  • Collects rich data

    People’s actions are better predicted in the context of their feelings and attitudes than through text alone.

Applications include:

  • Sales: Marketing, Branding, Promotion & Transactions
  • Education: Training, Instruction, Coaching
  • Entertainment: Video games, interactive books

How it works

Understand what was said and felt

Language, Tone, and Sentiment analysis

Find and communicate an answer

Botanic ACTR, ChatScript, IBM Watson, Wolfram Alpha

Act on that answer

Media Tuners MT1, Blockchain Transactions

Our team

Mark Stephen Meadows – President of Botanic

Dave Frerichs – President of Media Tuners

Steve Ardire – Strategic Advisor

Taylor Laubach – UX

Nori Castillo – Finance

Marcos Cevasco – 3D/Animation

Eduardo Polidor – Developer

Michelle Katz – Legal


Media Tuners – allows avatar to communicate with and control smart, connected devices (demo)

Labratory for Animate Technologies – photorealistic facial animation

Gojira – client side animation rendering tools

We draw additional help from a large network of experts in AI, NLP, VoiceRec, and other disciplines.

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