We build Natural Language Capabilities for online characters and robots

Botanic provides voice interfaces for talking avatars, virtual assistants, robots, wearables and other connected devices. Be it the personality of your car, or an interface to your home, our ACTR platform provides the heart and mind of natural language interaction.

We build hearts and minds.

Natural language is all about meaning and communication. Whether the application is manufacturing or entertainment, it is more effective and engaging if there is a personality behind the communication.

We build smart puppets.

Botanic helps our customers build pragmatic, informative  characters that talk, gesture, and engage people. Our priorities are to make characters as engaging as they are useful, regardless of the graphics used.

We build talent into technology.

We use Natural Language Processing, analysis tools, voice-to-text recognition, and real-time multimedia generation. We combine that with art,  psychology, narrative, and character design.

Products & Services

The ACTR Platform

The ACTR platform is a conversational avatar technology stack that drives front-end displays via natural language output, allowing digital characters to act out complex gestures, emotions, and movements as well. Designed for contextual and multimodal communication, the versatile ACTR technology can be applied to robotics, virtual reality, virtual assistants, and augmented reality, too.

Natural Language User Interfaces

Whenever we interact with robots we need to know that they’ve understood us. Our natural language user interfaces do just that; by enabling simple interaction through everyday speech, our language-driven interfaces imbue robots and avatars with the ability to give feedback, ask questions, and follow commands with ease.

Cross-Platform Identities & Character Design

Our technology allows for the creation of cross-platform avatars that can appear on any number of connected devices. Be it on a phone, a computer, a television, a car, a wearable, or on a myriad of networked household appliances, our helpful avatars are readily accessed at the user’s convenience. The resulting data allows us to triangulate a person’s wants and needs, as well as what they are doing, and what they will be doing.

Blockchain Transactions

We’re developing a voice-activated transaction system that allows users to make purchases just by asking for them. By interfacing with a multitude of networked technologies, from vending machines to hotel pay-per-view to autonomous vehicles, individuals can make secure and encrypted payments entirely through voice commands.


Company History

Botanic aims to bridge the divide between human and machine, drawing from over two decades of proprietary research and development to achieve this end.Situated at the confluence of character design, VR, NLP, AI, and games, Botanic(formerly Geppetto Labs) is pioneering the future of interface design in a world where voice control is emerging as a new interface paradigm. 

Today Botanic’s primary focus is on contextual and multimodal communication. The company partners with other developers and strategists across a range of platforms including Robotics, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, and of course, Avatars.

Click here to view an example of our past avatar work. 


Mark Stephen Meadows, President

Mark is an American author, inventor, and designer. Since 1993, when he helped develop the third dot-com (WELL.COM), he has founded three companies, worked at some of the world’s top research labs (including Xerox-PARC, SRI, The Waag), and has given hundreds of lectures on his work around the globe. He has written four books that examine technology and their social consequences, including the award- winning books “I, Avatar” and “We, Robot.” His portfolio has included character design for LucasArts, avatar designs for Sony Online, Natural Language systems for Oracle, and government agency consulting for Australia, Singapore, Holland, and elsewhere.


Media Tuners

Media Tuners LLC powers smart, connected devices. Media Tuners operates with a core philosophy that Web software platforms can make services easier to experience for consumers and more profitable for providers. Founded in 2007, the company builds on a heritage of enabling Internet services on devices that dates back to the 1990s. Members of the Media Tuners team have been involved in such milestones as the first Internet radio device (Philips) and the first high-volume mobile music service (KDDI).


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