Building humane machines.

We are a product design firm specializing in conversational interfaces and avatars.

In other words, we design and build products that are capable of understanding and responding to human dialogue. We do this by crafting conversational personalities who act as an interface. The spaces in which these personalities live include everywhere from mobile to AR/VR.  

Why that’s good for our customers


    • We go beyond
      We don’t just help you deploy bots, we design a meaningful, interactive experience by humanizing your bots through personality. Our characters use speech and animation to provide contextually and emotionally appropriate responses to human input.

    We’re weaponized architects

    Our team boasts a collectively unique skill set. From poets, play writes, painters and actors, to early avatar and bot designers to graphic designers, UX experts, and engineers, we are a team that understands the complexity of creating a believable personality that increases user interaction and deepens a personable experience.


  • We’re flexible
  • We partner with companies who already understand bots. Our job is to amp up personality via words, voice, and/or animation. We also partner with people who have great ideas, but aren’t sure how to execute them. We can provide the technical and strategic support that’s necessary to grow. We’re game and we’re ready.

  • We help you learn
  • Through focusing on context, rather than content alone, we help you get to know your customer better. We do this by using affective computing–technology that captures and translates users’ mood. We consider the many vectors of tone of voice, facial expression, body language, and nuances of word choice. Humans are mutli-modal. So are bots.

How we work

Our Process

We employ a streamlined, 3-step process.

Research & Analysis

Personality Design

Content Creation


We provide technical solutions.

Realtime 3D Animation

Voice in, Voice out

Service Integration


We hold patents that offer protection.

Avatar & Bot Authentication

Voice-to-blockchain bridges

Media coverage


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Our team

Mark Stephen Meadows – President

Paul Smith – Business Operations

Julia Starkov – UX Researcher

Robyn Ewing – Conversation Designer

Ryann Wahl – Conversation Designer

Danielle Frimer – Conversation Designer

Marcos Cevasco – Modeler / Animator

Eduardo Polidor – Engineer

Contact us

2340 Powell St, #286
Emeryville, CA 94608

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