About Us

What We’re About

Botanic Technologies is an international software and services company.

We build multi-modal, trusted bots. These personalities are the user interface to AI. This includes chatbots (text-only), assistants (voice-only), and avatars (personality, character, voice, text, and animations). All of these are comprised of a ‘tone’ that matches your brand, and interfaces to AI and other tools.

Founded in 2011, our clients include blue-chips, startups, and government agencies across the globe. Our Founder and CEO, Mark Stephen Meadows, is a well-known authority on AI and robotics world-wide. He speaks at conferences that are driving the future of business.

Our team has designed and deployed conversational avatars and natural language systems in the entertainment, healthcare, wellness, financial, retail and tech industries.

We are thought leaders, visionaries, successful business people, award-winning writers, engineers, and psychologists deeply motivated to building humane machines.

We promise integrity in all that we do. That means we do what we say, and we say what we do. Our corporate values are trust, respect, and honesty. Always. We are transparent, and we deliver. We rise above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. You hire us for our expertise, and we bring it every time. We collaborate, iterate, and deliver results that will knock your socks off.

Action speak louder than words. Watch us in action.

To define the art of conversational, digital characters by exemplary leadership.

To provide corporations and developers with the tools and templates to easily deploy artful and humane graphical bots and conversational avatars.

who we are. really.

There are some minds that are ahead of their time. We are fortune enough to have one in our leader, our inspiration, and our inventor – Mark Stephen Meadows. His visionary, technical, artistic, and writing skills are incomparable. He hates it when we brag about him. But the truth is he’s published four books, invented and developed robotics software, has been working in AI for over fifteen years. He is an internationally sought-after speaker on the topic of conversational AI.

Enough about him. We are the team behind him that make this work. We love our customers, and we are involved with our characters. We deliver multi-modal trusted personalities that make people wonder what we’re up to over here. We can’t share our secret sauce on our website, but you’ll get to experience it for yourself when you use our product or engage with us.

Juniper the Botanic Chatbot