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Leadership Team

Company Leadership

Here’s a few of our talented leaders that make Botanic Technologies thrive.

Mark Stephen Meadows

Mark Stephen Meadows

Founder & CEO

The wizard behind the curtain. Actually, he’s generally in front of the curtain!

Paul Smith


The company strategist, oversee-er, mentor, driver, and sometimes comic relief.

Matt Powell, CFO

Matt Powell


The financial strategist, planner, and bean-counter. (We still don’t know why he counts beans.)

Michelle Katz

Michelle Katz

Chief Legal Counsel

Master of protecting our intellectual property, customer contracts, and employees.

Katherine Wells

Katherine Wells

VP, Sales & Marketing

The one who generates market exposure, leads, and social conversations, and helps educates customers.


Eduardo Polidor

Director, Engineering

The other man behind the curtain who makes our software look like magic to the rest of the world.

Ryann Wahl

Ryann Wahl

Director, Accounts

The relationship wizard who builds trust, inspires new thinking, and delivers on promises.

Advisory Board

Meet our Advisory Board. They lend their expertise, provide feedback, challenge us, and keep us fresh.

Advisory Board - Mark

Mark Nitzberg

Executive Director, UC Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible AI

PhD in Computer Science from Harvard. Successful entrepreneur.

Andra Kaey

Andra Kaey

Founder & Managing Director of Silicon Valley Robotics

Director at, and founder of Robot Launch.

Jamie Burke

Jamie Burke

Chief Executive Officer of Outlier Ventures

Founder and advisor regarding deep  tech convergence.

Tony Parisi

Tony Parisi

Global Head of VR/AR at Unity Technologies

Inventor of VRML, WebGL, and other 3D  technologies.

Denise Caruso

Denise Caruso

Research staff at Carnegie Mellon

Ethics specialist, author, and former tech columnist for the New York Times.

Brian Wilcox

Bruce Wilcox

Director of Natural Language Strategy, Just Answer

AI research  programmer, inventor of ChatScript NLP system & 4-time winner of Loebner Prize in AI.

Joshua Kauffman

Joshua Kauffman

Founder and General Partner, Wisdom VC

Masters of Design  from Harvard, applying AI to public sectors in  multiple developing economies.