Conversational Interface Solutions
That Drive Your Business

Revenues increase, costs decrease, and user satisfaction improves with conversational interfaces powered by artificial intelligence.


How It Works

Our platform lets you create, deploy and maintain your own bots.
Our expert Services team will get you started, or create a completely custom bot for your needs.


Decide how you would like to interact with your users. Whether via chatbot, voice assistant, or 3-D avatar, your bot represents your brand.


Select the personality template that reflects your brand identity. The personality of your bot engenders trust, ensures brand consistency, and increases user engagement.


Craft content for your bot, along with the use flows for the conversations. Content is then matched to the personality to ensure it matches your brand identity.


Deploy your bot across channels such as a web browser, mobile app, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Skype and most any other messaging app. This creates a consistent user experience across channels.


Whether you’ve created your own bot, or we’ve created it for you, you have full control over the bot to manage and maintain as your business changes and grows. Your team will become experts in no time!

For further examples of our products visit our videos.

The Botanic Platform

Your brand deserves the best. Our platform gives you unrivaled capabilities to exceed your users’ expectations. Botanic’s platform includes more than 9 patents and patents-pending.

Your conversational user interface from Botanic includes:

  • AI, machine learning
  • Branded personality
  • Natural language processing
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Privacy
  • Data aggregation and integration
  • Analytics
  • Central authoring tool
  • Multiple channel deployment with consistent experience
  • Drag and drop process flow
  • Pre-defined templates
  • Response choices
  • Maintained history
  • Configurability
  • Data integrations
  • Easy conversion from chatbot to voice assistant or avatar
  • Ability for a human to take over the chat conversation
  • Pre-defined industry templates for customization
  • Mobility (take the same conversation across smart home devices to smart phone to smart car, etc)
  • Google maps integration
  • White label option
  • Ability to make payments/perform transactions including on blockchain

Interact The Way Your Users Want To

Every use case is different, so why should your interface be any different?
Customer service is often a chatbot. Education or shipping re-orders is often done via voice assistant. And complex or personal information is best via avatar.

What works for your users?


Chatbots are text conversations that simulate a real conversation by using artificial intelligence with nearing 90% accuracy. That’s better than humans, who come in at 87% accuracy.  Most companies use chatbots in customer service, support and, increasingly, for business processes and HR.

Voice Assistant

Voice interfaces let users speak to a device (computer, smart home device, smart phone, smart car). They can be one-way or bidirectional. In other words, speak to a device and it will automatically translate into text, or speak to the device and the device will speak back to you.


Avatars increase trust and create a personal connection. Avatars are animated characters that embody text communication, voice and movement. Studies show that people are 85% more likely to reveal personal information to an avatar than to a person. They can also live in virtual and augmented reality.

A few of our customers

Juniper the Botanic Chatbot