Customer Service: AI & Conversational Interfaces

Bots in Customer Service
Kickin’ it in Customer Service.
Better experience. Omni-channel service. Reduced costs. And beyond.

Bots create an extraordinary customer service experience. Whether you are automating answers to frequently asked questions, carrying a customer conversation between platforms, analyzing customer data to provide better products and services, or anything in between.

Bot technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years. It is less a discussion around functionality and technology, and more about how the bot’s personality reflects the company’s mission, vision and brand across platforms.

AI-powered bots (chatbots, voice assistants, or avatars) are creating valuable customers experiences for enterprises around the globe.

Our bots are helping enterprises:

  • Easily deploy omni-channel customer service
  • Maintain brand personality across channels and platforms
  • Provide delightful and productive customer experiences
  • Up-sell and cross sell additional offerings
  • Reduce costs of customer care
  • Analyze customer data to improve product & services offerings
  • Provide authenticated, secure communications and transactions

Bots are kickin’ it in customer service because they:

  • Remember your customers
  • Emanate your brand personality
  • Build trust
  • Free staff for complex issues
  • Need training only once
  • Are where your customers are
  • Are reliable and consistent 24/7
Ready to be distinctive?

Reduce Costs

Bots will reduce costs in customer care in the insurance industry. Customers who can self-serve more often will save you an average of 4 minutes per interaction.

*Juniper Research

Increase Loyalty

Bots increase customer loyalty. Customers are changing the way they want to interact with their companies. More and more they want to self-serve. Whether via chatbot, voice assistant or avatar, you can be more connected to your customers with the less cost.

Improve CX

The experience your customers have with your brand can make or break their relationship with you. Make the experience great with a bot that gives them a conversational tool to get answers, perform transactions, and creates a productive and delightful interaction..

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