Finance: AI & Conversational Interfaces

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Innovating finance.
Performing transactions. Completing applications. Managing investments. And beyond.

Bots create an extraordinary, secure and trusted customer experience. Whether you are providing banking customer support, making blockchain transactions, delivering financial advice or anything in between.

Bot technology has advanced in the last few years. It is less a discussion around functionality and technology, and more about how the bot’s personality reflects the company’s mission, vision and brand across platforms.

AI-powered bots, whether chatbots, voice assistants, or avatars, are creating extraordinary customer experiences for financial companies around the globe..

Our bots are helping financial organizations:

  • Increase application completions
  • Improve customer service
  • Provide easy access to financial information
  • Ensure secure bot-controlled transactions
  • Provide credit/financial education
  • Support financial behavior modification
  • Create trust and brand loyalty

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Why Bots Need License Plates

Why Bots Need License Plates

Bots are innovating finance in:

  • Blockchain transactions
  • Financial transactions
  • Loan applications
  • Account management
  • Market information
  • Financial education
  • Customer support
  • Credit score education
Ready to be distinctive?

Reduce Costs

Bots will reduce costs in customer service, financial education, and financial transactions. Customers want to self-serve more often, saving you an average of 4 minutes per interaction.*

*Juniper Research

Increase Loyalty

Bots increase customer loyalty. Simplify applications. Be where your customers already are. Make it easy for your users to engage. For example, virtual bankers can provide on-demand initial financial assessments.

Improve Convenience

Secure, authenticated bots can perform financial transactions, and transactions on the blockchain. They can do this via chatbot, voice assistant or avatar using Botanic’s patented voice-to-blockchain bridge.

Juniper the Botanic Chatbot