Insurance: AI & Conversational Interfaces

Bots for Insurance
Revolutionizing Insurance.
Policy sales. Customer onboarding. Claims assistance. And beyond.

Bots create an extraordinary, secure and trusted insurance agent and customer experience. Whether you are marketing new offerings, on-boarding new clients, providing claims assistance, or anything in between.

Bot technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years. It is less a discussion around functionality and technology, and more about how the bot’s personality reflects the company’s mission, vision and brand across platforms.

AI-powered bots (chatbots, voice assistants, or avatars) are creating valuable customers experiences for insurance companies.

Our bots are helping insurance companies:

  • Improve communication with agents
  • Sell new policies
  • Up-sell and cross sell additional offerings
  • Provide an easy on-boarding experience
  • Improve claims processing
  • Create omni-channel customer experiences
  • Provide policy information and education
  • Reduce customer care costs

Bots are revolutionizing insurance in:

  • Policy sales
  • Customer onboarding
  • Policy education
  • Claims submission
  • Data analysis
  • Customer service
  • Automated underwriting
  • Risk assessment
Ready to be distinctive?

Reduce Costs

Bots will reduce costs in customer care in the insurance industry. Customers who can self-serve more often will save you an average of 4 minutes per interaction. And they’ll be happier customers.

*Juniper Research

Increase Loyalty

Bots increase customer loyalty. Customers are changing the way they want to interact with their companies. More and more they want to self-serve. Whether via chatbot, voice assistant or avatar, you can be more connected to your customers with the less cost.

Reduce Risk

Claims accuracy is key to reducing obstacles, and therefore, costs. Make the experience productive with a bot that accelerate the process, perform transactions, and keep customers and agents up-to-date.

Juniper the Botanic Chatbot