What We Offer

At Botanic, we help our clients create conversational experiences that put the users’ goals first. We provide a full suite of services and/or product licensing to help you create the most impactful bot for your needs. Learn more below or contact us at info@botanic.io.

Our Work

We’ve been crafting conversational interfaces for the better part of a decade. Take a look at our featured work below, or explore more projects on vimeo.com/botanics.


Skype interview coach

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iWithin wellness assistant

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iWithin wellness guru

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We’ve provided our services to Fortune 100 companies, government agencies, and startups around the world. Our team of experts specializes in human-centered, multimodal conversational interfaces. We create bots that improve user experience through great design and trustworthy interaction.


Our team starts by determining the needs of the client and the problem we’re trying to solve. By focusing on a comprehensive research phase, we’re able to define the most effective tech and design solutions.


Our engineering team harnesses the latest technology in order to provide a seamless backend structure for any of our clients’ needs. We work with AI (NLP, ML, CV, ASR, TTS, RNNs) RT3D, and blockchain, (among other technologiess) to support our bots and deploy trusted systems that speak, see, hear and converse multimodally.


Our dedicated animators, conversation designers, and user experience designers work to create innovative solutions to any challenge. We work iteratively and collaboratively to craft the most effective conversational interface for any situation.


We license our products and provide customization and implementation services.

Our product licenses include use of our tech, product and customization for clients to brand and implement across platforms. We also license our Author’s Tool and underlying technology for clients to create their own proprietary conversational interfaces.